1. Avoid “turtling” – sitting with your back rounded, chin jutting forward and head tilted back – to get closer to your screen. If you can’t see your screen clearly with good posture, visit an optometrist.
  2. Don’t wear glasses with an old prescription. For maximum comfort, ask your optometrist about custom computer eyeglasses.
  3. Eye strain can be caused by excessive lighting. Overhead lighting should be no brighter than your screen.
  4. Old monitors and low-resolution screens are hard on the eyes. Upgrade to a high resolution flat panel display for less eye fatigue.
  5. Sitting too close to the screen can cause eye fatique and blurred vision.
  6. Having your mouse too far away will make you lean closer to your screen, increasing focusing strain.
  7. Are you sitting in a bad chair? Your back should be supported so you can sit upright and at a comfortable viewing distance from your screen.

Other quick tips:

Get an eye exam: Your optometrist can identify vision problems and prescribe special computer glasses for greater viewing comfort.

Avoid “computer stare”: It’s easy to forget to blink when looking at a computer screen. Remember to blink often and fully to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Take a break: Keep your eyes at least 40 cm from your screen and take a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something at least 6 meters away.

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