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The primary reasons for buying spectacles, is to improve our visual performance and to enjoy visual comfort when using our eyes. However, there is another very important component; the cosmetic appearance with our spectacles. Spectacles or sunglasses are probably the most visible fashion accessory we can ever buy. Yet, most people, even if they can afford it, will only invest in one pair of glasses. This is in spite of the fact that no single pair of glasses can fulfil all our visual functions. The glasses for the computer at work is unlikely to have been set up in such a way that they will work effectively on the golf course. It appears that glasses are all too often considered a grudge buy, like tires.

Cost is often given as the main reason why people are reluctant to invest more in eyewear. Let us make a comparison of some regular expenses by unravelling the numbers.


Let’s spread the cost of spectacles and use three price examples:

By analysing the cost of spectacles, one can put it into perspective compared to other regular expenses. Can one put a price on vision? Good functional vision is essential to education which leads to employment which supports economic growth and finally, standard of living. In order to optimise performance, one requires the visual correction best suited for that particular activity.

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